For everyone else it's a game


How can we know

If we died

and came back 

to life

in another 


How can we know

If it's really

just a bunch of them

playing a long

drawn out joke?

How can we know?

How will we know?

How can I know

if it's all just a show?

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We Don't Know

We believe. Some writers got together and were inspired by the need to chronicle a life and a history of a people; we got the text. Whether you believe it or not is your affair, but there are other books, equally inspired. Are they true too? I somethimes think that I must have been really awful in my previous life to get this ability to feel everything so knife blade sharply. Then, I keep going. That wash it's all gonna come out in is gonna be a trip. :D



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The wash

We seem to need to go through a daily cleansing. Whether we shower or not. Lol. I go for like a week or two at a time without one of those. But I go through spiritual wash time way more often. Maybe a little daily. Do I believe my own story? Kinda. Even if it's just a facade. My life has been a trip from day one. I got a book to produce but can't seem to get myself to write it on the pages. Or maybe I have and I'm just too lazy to edit. Anywho... I'm rambling. 

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we could have been

we could have been reincarnated several times

ron parrish