Vision Airy


I keep trying to capture it

...It illudes me

I keep trying to take myself out of it

Yet that... is impossible

If I'm part of it

How can one get away from themselves anyway?

Hell, I can't even get away from my own shadow.

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as long as it doesent go the

as long as it doesent go the oppisite way u are ok

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Sometimes it seems like it goes the opposite way. But upon closer inspection, it's still attached. No gaps. So, I suppose opposite is only perspective. 

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well i will have to think

well i will have to think about that,going to take a nap,,tired

worked to hard today,,lol

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rest easy

sweet dreams

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That tickled me


Me and my shadow

go together like hand and glove,

tit and tat, now and later.


She was born of an absence,

a blockage, a shearing off the light

source, closing a door spectrum

and there is no way to be

rid. Ever.







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looks like your stuck

looks like your stuck

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Okay. I accept my shadow self. She keeps changing anyway. Just like me. The same... but different in each moment of the day. 

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