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We have pumped out the septic

Now fixing the well

It's funny how the metephors swell

Soon the flow will be more free

As we spread our love

With true family

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes, if we are all blocked up, the blockage will find a way to manifest itself outside yourself. Dang, it gets expensive when that happens. Somehow, I feel freer after having that shit removed. Now, to get that well pumping fresh water again.

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allets's picture


Into each lifetime, a stop sign. Turn it to yield, then to 25 mph school crossing. You will be motoring along any day now with fresh water everywhere! :D



Morningglory's picture

Hope so!

We've definitely yielded and it's almost time to start that slow roll forward. Here's to clean fresh water! 

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Sassylass's picture


and fresh♥️

Wise words.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Thanka miss sassylass! This well should be pumping along in no time. Or nearly anyway. Kids crossing... driving slow. 

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