Son of wind


She found him

Laying in the dirt

A mon key

Sending her the word


She thought it funny 

When she'd found him there

She carried him around

by his mon key ear


But then he was called

A voodoo doll

So she threw him in the dirt

With a light hand toss


She didn't want to 

think him bad

So she picked him up

From his landing bed


She sat him 

by a bush of sage

Facing out 

toward another stage


Now he watches 

out for us

As we recognise 

Mon key with love



Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story

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allets's picture

The True Poems

r the best poems :D - enjoyed. Encore! - slc



Morningglory's picture

Mon key

Made the winds shift in the opposite direction. Glad you enjoyed!

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