Plain plane


I just watched a plane

With a contrail...

...It disappeared 

Like it's s'pse to

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pretty bad when our own

pretty bad when our own government tries to get rid of us,reminds me of agent orange

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And agent orange then turned into Roundup. People wonder why cancer is so rampant. I hope we humans figure it out fast enough. I'm afraid we need radical change.

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Poisons Are Pervasive

and required for manicured lawns and sweepingly groomed estates. Little castles fight the battle of the weed to grow lawns. It is also in food and meet, oceans, runoff is in lakes and rivers, the earth, yes, but also in the air. Radical change would be costly - kill too many industries based on "roundup" like substances. Human as a thing will go sucidal-extinct horribly. :(




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lol,our biggest killers are

lol,our biggest killers are sugar and tobaco,and of course tobaco contains rat poision

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Depending on the tobacco

I am an addict. But I smoke a kind with no additives. Sugar in my coffee. Otherwise I rarely crave it.

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sugar and salt is in every

sugar and salt is in every thing to preserve it

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light salt

I'm all about the pepper

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use the pink salt,it has a

use the pink salt,it has a lot of good minerals in it