It All hurt


It may be that I agreed

However, I knew from the beginning

it wasn't going to be for me

So I allowed you all to hurt me

deeper than the cuts 

that already bleed

It wasn't ever funny to me

even if I made you believe

that I thought it would be

Not on this level

But maybe, just

Maybe in a slap stick comedy



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Roseanne Barr's song?

It is a revisit to old protocols: If you have money and a postion in the public's eye, resonsibility is important. Leadership has rules - you don't bad mouth your employer's people. It is true also in anyone's life expressions anywhere and all the time. Less politically correct, more not politically suicidal huh? Great write - like this one lots - slc oxoxox



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Thanks A

I work not to bad mouth. But every once in a while we need to talk to someone just to try to work through stuff. That can sound like a bad mouth sometimes. Or at least when that person goes playing telephone with your conversation. There are always more than 2 sides of a story. Most people don't take responsibiltiy for their own errs in situations. 

Thanks for the read and comment. Always appreciated!

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