Oh, those boys in the family

Under spelling

Well, my brother is in on this whole deal. He's got to be. I mean, he's the one who had access to all my files. I gave it to him at some point. And my little brother is an idea guy. He might have come up with it all. He just didn't know how crazy I really was at the time when I agreed to it. Anyway, he's a large part of the story line. And his concussion proves it. Just like all these other little pieces of verbiage that are given to me on the audio lines. So many more I don't have the time to expose them. It's not that I don't remember. I just don't remember with clarity. No body's fault but mine. It's hard to recall without changing the story line. And my little brother was counting on me the whole time. Until he lost faith in me. Well, before, I had heard, he was the only one who did have faith in me. But that would be a lie all around. They all had faith in me. It was just I who doubted myself.

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Shaped By Influences

It is amazing how family grows from home exposure to outside the home exposure. The development comes back to either inspire or be ignored as just them actin' it out. I picked up perseverence as the greatest inspiration from my brother - he never gave up. :D