Their side 

set up the facade

Of a mockery clown

To stand before us

And spew nonsense


Which makes sense

To the average man

Who speaks without facts

Phrased short and dumb

Opinionated and wrong


Their propaganda movie

Playing all the time

And We the People

...Believe it?


But it's just a game played

With their cameras

And actors

Willing to play


So let's not stay



Oh wait, I forgot

 they have big guns

So they've ruled





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allets's picture

Spot On!

  • A political poem - amazing! ! ! ! ! BRAVO ! ! !
  • Yeah, those guns give us pause huh? :D ENJOYED THIS ONE BIG TIME - slc



Morningglory's picture

Glad you did.

I seem to remember one of my political poems maybe causing a rift for a couple poeple. I dunno. Sometimes I'm willing to walk this edge. 

Media is a powerful tool of deception. So too seems politics. What can they make us all believe so they can do their dirty deeds behind closed doors? Show us sex and we'll ignore the really grimy stuff that they don't want us to know anyway.


Not unwilling to talk politics (or religion) but usually it leads to me sticking my foot in my mouth. 

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