We lean toward faith

In our doubtings 


Did I put my doubt

In faith?

Or did I put my faith in doubt?


Ought put faith 

Into faith


Doubt doubt.



Stopped thought...


A rainbow

Just showed up


Then 4 military helocopters

Headed toward it


What would one make of that

While contemplating faith in doubt?




Author's Notes/Comments: 

We've thought about this much 

Was doubt willed

When we chose it?

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A Few Observations

Now I want to know what song? What song? Second, faith as action is a nice concept. Love has always been all over the place kinetic and electric and potential about actualize Addressing faith is a whole book. When I see too many shadows, I turn on a light. Every day is a good day. :D



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May faith remind you that

May faith remind you that fear is a lie

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Breath in faith..

Exhale ...






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Doubt is not sitting in a

Doubt is not sitting in a chair because you don't know how it was made. Faith IS sitting in a chair not knowing how it was made. It's an action word and so is love. I am not a religious person, but that is my take on it.

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if doubt is a shadow

it might be under the chair.


I agree faith and love are both actions.

It is difficult sometimes to practice faith when that shadow of doubt still lingers there.

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maybe the faith took center

maybe the faith took center stage

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Keeping the faith!

It ain't always easy though. Doubt is a dark shadow. 

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tell me about it !

tell me about it !

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Re: the song

Will have to listen later. Riding in a car with other music playing. Dark shadows help make things appear more 3 dimentuonal. 

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dark shadows sound a little

dark shadows sound a little scary,

the song is a mistake,it downloads with every comment,i can`t fix it

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I think it's part of you signature. 


Dark shadows Are scary. Until you shine light on them. 

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i don`t even like the song

i don`t even like the song