Still just me


Well, in the end

I'm still just me

That same shy girl

Just trying to be


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Embodiment can be painful. 

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All you can do, is all you

All you can do, is all you can do Smile

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We do what we can

We try 

As well as not try

Cuz trying too hard

Doesn't really work either 


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I Go On Mini-Adventures

Lil outings where I can chat with folks out on lil outtings. Yeah, shyness is there, but experiences diminish the embodiment. At 67, my pain comes from people who have died. Everyone else - either approachable or prayed for. It's simple. Comment is probably longer than the poem Ha! :D slc



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It's okay

Now it's a conversation. Shy is always underneath but I love people so much and truly enjoy the interactions. Quite social but also feel socially awkwark so I just make fun with it. Sometimes feels like a complex. I can only laugh at myself. (But underneath have spent much time in the depressive beat oneself state of mind. Way too much time. Which we now, have a better time of keeping ourselves indulging...) 


Ok now my comment is longer than yours and the poem is tini. Lol

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i think we make few choices

i think we make few choices in life that change us,

we seem to be the same all of our lives,of course with age we mellow of some sorts,

but our inner feelings remains the same

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I think I seem outgoing sometimes but always feel that inner child shyness.

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