Sea foam deep

The others had taken the dots from her eyes

but the fish didn't realize what they'd eaten.

So now she contemplates reason.

Dot one, dot two, dot three were taken.

Now she was starting to crave some bacon.

Could they really understand her brand,

if she flopped herself up on the land?

Well that's what she just planned.


Oops! They can see her hand.

Shoulda just kept it facedown in the sand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Silliness...I've gone quirk!

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Quirk Works

4 me. A true fish's life is soooooo underrated. Enjoyed the silly, really  : ) 




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thanks A!

your comment made me giggles.

Think im going to go insane from too much rain!

The fish seem to like it tho 

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