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There in my past was a place

I went to at the rivers edge.

A rock I sat upon as my feet

dangle down from the water.

As my world became a battle

field for war,

I knew that there in that place,

God was listening to me there.

It was place of vacancy no one

rarely went.

As I sat there confronting the

hardships of my heart.

The agony of my pain, the dying

of my soul.

I would look to west as the sun came

down, as darkness filled me once again.

Knowing I had to leave this place

and face a world without end.

It was not the world I live today,

it is a world in which exist in the

corner of my mind.

As I turned from west to east I found

the sun rising in my heart.

the promises God had given me,

my soul found freedom and chains

unlocked the grip of satan's hold.

There in my awareness the glowing

eye's in the night,

watching my every move to take another bite.

like the tiger who had hungered

a taste in which desired his appetite.

How I stood there in the water,

in which is to deep to separate from

the love God, his promise He wrote upon

my heart.

That even in the tornadoes that touched

down to blow me from His side,

I found myself still standing there not a lift

from the ground He made.

As this darkness creeps around placing

illusion in my mind.

My soul belongs to God my Father the

love with life, life without end.

So when I place the armour of His love,

the sword of His word.

And march the tune of God's embrace,

The world I thought had exist begins to be


For I know that satan’s time is running out,

to the bottomless pits he be cast down.

Our loving Master in which who holds the key

will bound him in the darkness of eternity.

There I will stand still looking to the east,

as the hour draws nearer and nearer.

my heart grows more filled with light by the

promise of His word.

This world will slowly die and come to an end.

A new day, a new face where darkness has no


The secret place that stays within my heart,

is a rainbow of many colors and passion of

love, the light which holds in this peaceful place.

Is the promise of God's good Grace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A true place I would go to in my younger days as a teen.
A reflection

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a beautiful poem