Sullen Brevity

Living in my own world
Alone and safe in this tranquility
Faces with spaces
fighting back the pain
like a top spinning from its beginning
longing to capture yet I wander
time well spent in thought
sullen brevity
my soul permeates for hidden value
to treasure a red rose that was plucked a time before
Starring at the wall
what has become of the earth
and her pale sister

faces, hands & feet
hearts bleeding in excess
alone in the silence of my room again
waiting then wanting
the soul is alive let the time stop
heads in the street
a bat in ball
a know it all for president
street life is tough & hard as steel
only the strong survive
got to keep alive
my heart is an opened door willing to explore
so much more

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I love poems, like Wallace

I love poems, like Wallace Stevens', that share internal references, like this title that appears as a phrase in the poem I just commented on!  Bravo.  The interlinking of poems with each creates a much greater impression within the total work when it is finished.