Hard Times

  1. get this young peeps out on the streets
  2. sitting back getting high up in the clouds
  4. (Hook)
  5. I bust a nut in a rut
  6. cooking down at the Mickey D's
  7. cats with blue hats out on the street
  10. 1st verse :
  12. where it began I can't begin to wonder
  13. blowing up tracks like Stevie Wonder
  14. is it any wonder I got to much time on my hands
  16. son you were cursed the very day you were born
  17. daddy out selling stickers with the Mickey in the sleeve
  18. man this world outside just wants to see ya bleed
  19. as homeboy scratching on the fly spin master
  21. my heart is running faster
  22. a soul is in disorder until it meets order
  23. people need to be more open minded with all this talk
  24. going make me play that ass just don't want to
  26. (Hook)
  28. I bust a nut in a rut
  29. cooking down at Mickey D's
  30. cats with blue hats on the street
  32. 2nd verse
  34. just like Muddy Waters you need to take a shower
  35. through the porch swing sippin honey tea
  36. knock me to my knees watch those suckas bleed
  37. like the famed Trick Daddy who escape gravity
  39. tripping like life is a rollercoaster don't have to bend over
  40. got holes in my socks
  41. man homeboy do think a lot
  42. it's almost paradise with words that are slamming
  44. just like soup to nut &I don't know where to put the jam in
  45. got to give it up soon but I'm still in motion
  46. just give me a moment while I chill on some magic potion
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