Concieve Believe Achieve

Conceive Believe Achieve

The arrow points the way to heaven up above
It is part of God's gift this mission of love
We all need a direction to go with our lives,
There's no better way, there's no compromise

The first step is Jesus as he points the way
It is by his example that we should live each day
He died on the cross so that we can try harder,
To learn of God's wisdom and to love one another

We next must believe with all of our heart,
In God's ultimate goal and our important part
He loves each one of us for what the bible says is true,
But to love and believe in yourself is entirely up to you

As our love grows for what life has to bestow
It should become quite evident what God wants us to know
That the glory of loving others and caring for our fellow man
Is to love almighty God and to carry out his supreme plan

These steps are all necessary for a life ever after
So keep them in mind as you begin your next chapter
We all will falter on our way to the top,
But it's so very important to keep loving and to never stop.

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