Ageless Love

Love of my Life

I loved you

When in heaven we both resided.

I loved you as Eve

And your apple pie.

I loved you as Sarah,

As Moses led us to be free.

I loved you as Helen,

In Troy by the sea.

I loved you when as St. Joan

You left me for awhile

I loved you once more

As I painted your Mona Lisa smile,

I loved you as Catherine,

A Czarist fighting her enemies.

I loved you as Pocohantus,

When first the New World I see.

I loved when you were thirty-six

For two eighteens I'd trade a tease,

I loved you when you turned sixty,

And mourned so many lost eves.

Our love has been ageless,

Always will it be.

No matter the time or place,

I will always find thee.

You are my other,

From the beginning to the end,

You are and always be,

My wife, my lover, and my best friend.

I love you Jody.


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A timeless love could be all it takes to love and be loved.