310 Days to Go

Dear Seina,

I am missing you so,

My mind has wandered back

To so many years ago.

This Raven haired beauty

walked into the room

And captured my heart…


Every cell of me was screaming,

The vision of you,

I thought I was dreaming.

I knew in that instant,

You had to be mine,

You were my other,

The lost half I find.

Your raven black hair,

And ruby red lips,

Took my breath away,

My heart doing back flips.

Our eyes met and there was magic in the air,

You walked directly to me,

So beautiful, so fair.

You asked if I was staying

Here at the dance,

'Only if you would honor me,

To be my date by chance.'

You gazed into my eyes,

Deep into my soul,

You whispered so sly,

“That was my goal.”

The band played our favorite song,

It ended and we kept dancing along.

We were dancing to the music of our hearts,

And before the evening's end,

I knew we would never part.

I asked you to marry,

As I walked you to your car,

You replied we must tarry,

We are moving to fast to far.

So we waited until we had our degrees,

Then you consented to marry me.

Thank God you were no fool,

And convinced me to wait

until I completed Medical School.

Here I am in this foreign land,

Torn in half, cause my other is not at hand.

Some days are worse than the others,

That is when I have to depend on my brothers.

We help keep each others sanity,

When the blues comes to town,

Like now it is with me,

And I am really down.

The guys will come get me out of my bunk,

Take me over to our kids tent,

To pull me out of my funk.

It is still no substitute for my raven hair beaut,

Never be like it is with me and you.

So hon I beg you, be there when I get home,

I would not survive if you were gone.

I miss your warmth and your charms,

I miss holding you in my arms.

I miss Leann, Lacy, and Lilly too,

But hon, I really miss you.

Well, here comes the guys to rescue me,

I will post this now to you baby.

All my love to all of you,

My babies, moms and dads, and you.



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