Daddy. Do we have to go to Grandma's


Mommy says we have to go to grandma’s to stay.

Why daddy, we want to stay here to play?

Mommy and daddy are going away,

To a place where adults can play.

We won’t be gone for long,

And before you know it

We will be home.

Don’t worry sis,

They will be back,

Soon as they get

There marriage on track.

Such a grown up big sister

You have turned out to be,

Will you help your Grandma

With your baby sister for me?

I will mama,

We will be good,

You will see,

Just you and dad make up,


I promise, baby,

We will try,

Now you two run outside,

Before you make me cry.

Come on sis out to the yard,

I will push you on the swing,

Ok, not to hard.

It is going to be hard to leave those two,

But I need to have some time with you.

Somehow, we must work this out for them,

Even if it means living a lie,

Cause I could not bear to see the pain

In their little eyes.

We will make it babe

And with out the lies,

I know my love for you

Now, will never die.

If you can get past

the hurt you feel,

We will make it,

I am sure we will.

Our little girls,

Will never again

Have to fret,

About mom and dad’s


being in the toilet.

I love you hon,

Is all I can say,

Trip or not,

I n’er again will stray.

You want to watch them

While I pack?

Do you trust the way,

The clothes I stack?

If you would rather

To go lighter than air,

We can really vacation,

And buy what we need there.

Will your mom keep the dog,

Or will it be the kennel for him,

Look at him, asleep like a log,

Without a care or a whim.

Ok, I will make the call.

Go check on the little one,

She just had a fall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part of the saga.

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