Florida Cracker


I live in Florida,

I faced hurricanes three,

Terrorists…you can’t frighten me.

I could ride a horse

Near’s I could walk,

Cuss like a sailor,

By the time I could talk.

I lived in the country

Where I learnt t' ride,

Where my father,

And his father before him,

Lived and died.

American by birth,

Southern by the grace of God Almighty,

By the time I was ten,

I was hunting deer with my daddy.

Go ahead and give us your best shot,

Standing against three hurricanes

Shows the guts we got.

Don’t hide behind children

And sacred shrines,

Come out and fight like men,

The buzzards need a place to dine.

You believe it is a one way trip

To the promised land

Step out from behind the babies

And we will punch your ticket man.

We won’t lay down and die

Like lambs but instead

We will fight you to the death

Before you take our heads.

Yes, I live in Florida

Where good ol’ boys abound,

Bring it on and we promise

To drop your body

where it never will be found.

If the buzzards don’t get you

The gators will,

You won’t care,

Cause you will be dead still.

I am a Floridian, and American

And proud to be,

No...terrorists, you can’t frighten me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was hesitant about posting this, and sent it out for comment to my friends and they all encouraged me to post it.

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All fair in war and lo..!

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You go with your bad self!