My Love

Love of my Life

You can see the sparkle

In my eyes

Each time I speak of

Her I sigh.

It has to be love

It is plain to see

My radiance glows

Just mentioning thee.

My step is lighter

Than air.

I would be with her


I am up there

On cloud nine,

Since my princess

I did find.

My heart has

Taken wing,

Playing a new


Soon it will be

No longer she,

No longer me,

Just we.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just because I love her so much and she fills my heart with Joy.

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teresa_r's picture

You right such beautiful
Poems and the lady you love is a
very lucky lady.

teresa's picture

She must be a very amazing woman, she is all that you seem to write about. I wish the two of you the absolute best, and hope that I will be as happy with my fiance' as you are with her. Very good.

jgupta's picture

Love is such a beautiful feeling. It makes one forget all worries. Love is the best emotion that bring faith, make us believe in wonders of life to keep. Your poem is justice to very love.