Choose Carefully


Hearts of the past,

Were joined to last.

Those of today,

Just to play.

Immediate love,

What they think of.

Procreation is not

What it is about,

If they become pregnant,

Just root it out.

The mores of a fastpaced lifestyle

Leaves no time for parenting a child,

So kill it before its birth,

Its isn't like it can put in

Its two cents worth.

Now she can start again,

with choice to begin

More fun without being a wife,

Pregnant again? What's one more life.

Freedom of choice is mine,

It wasn't yet born,

so don't whine

It was its life or my lifestyle,

I won't give it up

for the burden of a child.

On that last day,

What will you say,

"It was my choice for life."

He says, "Only I give life,

You never lived,

As  mother or wife.

Depart from me,

I know you not.

My choice for you

Is Satan's lot.

You were never born through me,

So it is the lake of fire for you

For eternity.

That child you spurned,

Was to save mankind,

But you had a choice,

The wrong one to find.

Depart from me

You wicked soul,

And do enjoy

your stay in Shoel.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Between this and my poem "Choice" you can tell I don't believe in abortion.  Women have a choice to not have unsafe sex, but when they choose to do so...well, you play you pay.  I know there are circumstances that may on the surface warrant it, I feel it should only be when the mother would die trying to deliver the child. I know rape is a hard pill to swallow, but the fetus isn't to blame, but bears the ultimate punishment.  Allowing "Choice" is nothing more than institutionalized murder and fosters the notion that there are not consequences for our actions.  Agree or disagree is your personal choice.  These are my views and do not necessarily reflect the views of management or this station.


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jgupta's picture

"Choose carefully" is good advice. Playing and paying is not only for the woman but also the man. It takes two hands to clap. Biological irony: woman vulnerable inspite of the massive strength to bear fruit and carry in her the burden for nine month and plus. Actually the whole pattern roll around the social way of life. Yes, I do agree that greater responsibilities remain with the owner of the temple. Just as greater responsibility on the pilgrim. By no way should the pilgrim father shun the purpose of his very mission, to exist in natural beautification on earth.

Judy Costea's picture

Huck, WOW, this is just awesome... Very well written and so much said truthfully...
Peace and Love...