With This Ring

Love of my Life

With this ring,  I thee wed,

Taking you to hearth and bed,

For better or worse til death do us part

Even then you will always be my heart.

My love will grow every day

And shine like a beacon to those far away.

It will consume us like a roaring flame

Making all others look meek and tame.

When that day comes and we are called home

Our love will remain if not for all at least for some.

Our children and grands will note the pass

That true love endures and is made to the last.

So take this promise that this ring symbolizes

That my love for you is infinite as it implies.

With this ring I promise to love you til the end of time,

But if there is ever a doubt in your mind

Look at this ring and remember I said,

With less love then as now,

With this ring, I thee wed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In honor of my son's wedding today.

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Katie Power's picture

I really love this poem. It captures the heart and spirit of how marriage is supposed to be. It's romantic too. This is one of my fave poems of yours. Always keep writing.

Shirley Roberts's picture

Huck,this is a beautiful poem and I hope your son has a long and as happy marriage as you and your wife have.Great write.Pen on!

Bianca Boonstra's picture

First: Congrats on your son's wedding day. Huck, you wrote a great poem. The love that comes out of it, written in beautiful words. The scentence:"That true love endures and is made to the last," is one I completely agree with!


Heather Kadiuraus's picture

I really love this poem. It is so sweet. I think this one is probably my favorite out of all your poems. I'm a romantic, what else can I say.