Never Stopped Loving You

It is over. It is done.

You killed my heart,

your freedom is won.

You have walked on this heart for the very last time

I am leaving what is yours and taking what is mine.

For two years I hoped and prayed

My love for you would be returned in some small way.

For two years I gave my all, and in return only grief.

Now it is time to give dues to my heart's thief.

You played me like a fiddle and I danced to your sweet tune.

You took me for a fool, a regular buffoon.

I paid for your school and got you out of debt,

Now you say you don't love me, do I feel used? You bet!

I stayed at home while you went out and played,

I cooked and cleaned, I suppose you thought it was cheaper than a maid.

I have never stopped loving you and I could never hate,

But love from one side does not a marriage make.

Seeing you unhappy, pierces like an arrow,

So I will leave this place on the morrow.

It is time now for me to take my leave

to someplace, away from you, to face my grief.

I know there is someone out there for me

who will love me and be a family.

I want that picket fence with rug rats all around,

that little house in the country where love abounds.

I want a woman that really cares just for me

Not for what I can give you see?

I guess for us that is not in the cards

and leaving now is really hard

but I just can not go on

In this house that is not a home.

Good bye, I hope you find that which you seek,

Cause I will be filing for the Big D this week.

Don't worry about never did

So this is it, good bye kid.

I never stopped loving you...

                             Until now.  Goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my son.

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Abritelite A's picture

this was written with true feeling and from the heart of a father watching the tears that he can only wipe away. When a marriage breaks, so does a heart unfortunately. Mandy

Melvin Lee II's picture

Insightful poem, Huck.... i can feel the bittersweet sensations here....u so truthfully and skilfully portray. A difficult decision, i am sure.... Thanxs for sharing this. Aptly touched. smilesz.

vjochum's picture

Huck, Thank you for writing this. It gave me alot of validation for the move I had to make two years ago.

gentle's picture

You must truly love your son to have such insight into his pain. Please tell him that unfortunately even love is not enough to hold on to someone who is not willing to be a part of a marriage. I know. I wish him well. There was an old song once & the chorus went like this: "There ain't no good guys. There ain't no bad guys. There's only you & me & we just disagree." The worst 2 emotions to include in a divorce are anger & revenge. If either one wish to move on, then it must be because it is the right thing to do. Good job & all the best. Thanks for letting me know about this one. Amy

Gentle is the night♥