Copyright 1/18/01

You see the pain in their young faces

That belies bloated bellies and the pain

Of not having eaten in several days.

Their cries wrack your consciousness,

And in the stillness of night, you bolt

Upright at the sight of their anguished faces

In dreams that are living nightmares.

The next morning you go out among them

And their numbers are fewer than the night before.

A child cries because they are hungry.

A mother wails because she has nothing to give.

A family mourns as night has passed along with their kin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can we stamp out hunger in our lifetime. How many children must succumb to the pangs of hunger, before the world says "Enough!".

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Deborah Russell's picture

Evidently it takes us, as individuals to say, "Enough". Maybe we just aren't following up?

darkpool's picture

Feed a hungry man today, he'll be hungry again tomorrow. Teach a man to fish, he will feed himself tomorrow and his family too. I know this makes a complex problem seem simple, but helping others help themselves would be ideal.

Terry Teeter's picture

You were right, very different from your other poems. Short to the point and leaves one wondering if we will ever see an end to hunger? Doubtful in my lifetime...