She’s the one who gave me life.

She’s the one, my father’s wife.

She’s the one that kept me fed,

And tucked me safely into bed.

She’s the one who kissed my boo-boo to make it better.

She’s the one who keeps my old letters.

She’s the one who nurtured my growth,

And supported my Air Force oath.

She’s the one who believed in me

When others said “He would fail”, you'll see.

She’s the one who waits by the phone,

Waiting for me to call home.

She’s the one that wouldn’t name me Tom,

This awesome lady I am proud to call mom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Given to mom on valentine's day.

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running_with_rabbits's picture

wow i am sure she will be proud of yiou for this poem wish i had a mum i could write NICE poetry about you're lucky lots of love ash

Much Love