Moms Poem

Copyright 6/26/00

Half a century has past since you gave me life

And nurtured me through hard times and strife.

Each day, each week, each month a miracle

As the doctors believed I wouldn't make it still.

I remember the garage apartment and milk bottles too

And how we played with my train me and you.

How we worked to get the house clean

So we could go keen.

Some times when I was older and was getting along fine

We would grab our fishing poles and go wet a line.

You did it alone and most never sees

How much work you put into me.

It has been a long time and is over due

That I write this poem and letter to you.

I love you mom that's all I can say

To the one who carries me to this day.

You are always there for a prayer to tend

For this kid, or that kid, or even a friend.

The lord has kept us all to this day

And I pray he takes us in when we are called away.

Thanks mom for being there

Helping me guiding me...showed you care.

Now that I am old and grown

I am telling now what I have always known.

You are the best

From east to west.

A finer person can't be had

Including, rest his sole, dad.

Thank  you for all you gave

For all of us whose souls you saved.

I wish we could be ever near

So these heart felt thanks you could hear.

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Melvin Lee's picture

She must be very proud of u, Ferrell...So touching are the words, it can make one tear... Thanxs for sharing...