To Jody With Love

Love of my Life

Copyright 6/26/00

You are my heart

You have heard it said

When we are apart

I am emotionally dead.

You give me life

In every way, every day.

Having you as my wife,

Was God’s answer for what I prayed.

My life with you, Joanne,

Has been heaven on earth,

And I will do all I can

To make you see your worth.

You have been a part of me for so long,

I can’t exist without you, see?

Cause it is a fact that when you are gone,

There is no me.

Like a shadow you are my other

Always by my side and in my mind.

Your love unlike that of a one night lover,

Spans the ages and all time.

I can hardly wait til retirement day,

When we can spend more time together.

Going here, doing that, a whole lot of play,

Regardless of the weather.

Through the years we have weathered,

Storms that threatened to pull us apart.

But because our thoughts and psyche’s were tightly tethered,

The world couldn’t separate that which was joined at the heart.

On this Valentines day we don’t need to ask each other to be mine

We have been so, since the beginning of time.

Ageless is our love and so it is as it should be

I am you and you are me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem to my wonderful wife.

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hawksquaw99's picture

what a beautiful piece for your wife... I am sure she loved it as much as we have.... well done.... almost brought a tear to my eye

Melvin Lee's picture

Thanxs for informing us of this gorgeous read, Ferrell...Very well expressed words filled with romantic shades of your devotion to your wife. A most lucky couple here.Smilesz... I particularly like the very sweet. :@) Take care, Ferrell~!.and continue shining in your pieces~!

vjochum's picture

Dear Huck! What a beautiful testimony of love to your wife! Truly written from your heart,...she is one wonderful woman to have nutured your feelings in such a splended way. Congratulations for both of you for what you have is indeed Divine.

Didi Menendez's picture

Very sweet sentiments expressed to your wife. Always write with her in your heart. Didi