Its Over

Copyright 12/12/00

I told her it was over

Though I loved her still.

Her one night lover

Our relationship had killed.

So many emotions trying to erupt,

Anger, love, nausea, and pain.

The words came out so abrupt,

Any attempt to save us would be in vain.

So many tears we both shed

She was sorry, but the damage was done,

We could never be wed,

We could never be one.

Though it pained me to send her away

When all I wanted was to hold her close,

The sin she committed that day

Set her on the path she chose.

We tried to rekindle that which was lost,

But with trust gone

It was to high a cost,

And this sin she could not atone.

We maintained contact for a time,

Not letting the friendship die.

I guess I was being kind,

Neither of us could let it lie.

Finally I found someone to share my life,

It was a magic moment

I would make her my wife

And lose all the pain of the previous opponent.

The friendship fades to acquaintence.

Acquaintence fades to "I knew her once-upon-a-time".

Eventually, she is totally past tense,

And I am totally healed by the new love that is mine.

She calls now and again

But I am pain free

No longer is she my bain

Since my new love married me.

It's over.

It is really over.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We have all been there.  It is painful, but we survive, move on, and grow.

  Dedicated to my children.

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Melvin Lee's picture

A heartwrenching and sorrowful one...bravely described by your masterful muse, Ferrell. I once had such an experience...but i got over it, albeit slowly and painfully. Do read my Spiral was for this particular bane in my life. YEs it lives on...yes it is always there...and yes, i have also gotten over it. Smilesz.