A Kiss Goodbye

Copyright 7/21/00

As I hover here watching the mourners pass by.

My beloved wife kisses my cheek and asks why.

No more to see spring meadow or sky,

This is what it means to die.

Destiny of a life shorted

With it a cure for cancer, aborted.

A senseless act for a little dope,

Lost was the cure for that so many had hoped.

It is not the fame or fortune I will miss,

But the tenderness and the feel of that last kiss.

I would give eternal life to be able to feel so much

As her breath on my cheek of that last touch.

No longer to feel the warmth of the sun on my face,

As I am laid to rest in that dark damp place.

No longer to hear the birds in the trees,

This broken shell is all that is left of me.

Is a life worth so little,

That one would take it for spittle.

For thirty-seven cents they took my life,

Making a widow of my wife.

My children orphaned and likely lost too

Raising children singlehanded is hard to do.

I won't be there to see them graduate

Or even to inspect their 1st dates.

I am bitter, but am consoled

Because I am a christian I am told

I will rise again on that glorious day

No more tears or sadness in any way.

This life was just a stop

On the way to heaven on a short hop.

That last kiss was only to say

I will meet you there on that last day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is on the senseless act of murder and the possible destinies lost.

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Laurie  Lane's picture

Sad how little people value others lives. Hopefully there is an afterlife. Nice poem.

Anwer Sher's picture

very touching and delicate.. excellent thanks for sharing it.

Donker Man's picture

A wonderful sad poem that say so much!

Melvin Lee's picture

Indeed a poem to be read and cherished... most haunting is the voice...especially after the fourth stanza, the reader will be struck by the fact that the persona is already dead. Great style of writing, Ferrell...Smilesz, U are great at that. Thanxs for recommending this dark poem. Do try my dark ones too...in particular: YOu Created Me Oh Why Mother Sing To me Smilesz, thanxs.