Daddys Little Girl

Copyright 6/26/00

As my mind wanders back through the years

Through the laughter and through the tears

I remember a baby so wee holding my finger tight.

The rememberance brought a tear to this dear old dad’s eye.

I remember you growing to a fine young girl

That put all the young lads hearts awhirl.

How grown up you seemed to be

You were always my little girl to me.

I am sorry I broke your door

Looking back I don’t remember what for.

I swear by all that is holy and the stars above

What ever it was, you never lost your father’s love.

Before I knew it you were a lady

With boyfriends and dating.

My little butterfly had blossomed and grown

And before I was ready for it, you were gone.

A bride, a mother, makes my mind twirl,

But to me

You’ll always be

Daddy’s little girl.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my daughter, no matter where she goes or what she does, she will always be, my little girl.

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Heather Kadiuraus's picture

This is a really great poem. There is so much emotion behind it and it is so beautifully written. Always keep writing. I'll check back in to see if you add any new poems, hopefully you'll check out some of mine.

Nancy H's picture

A beautifully writen poem filled with so much love and emotion. Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have such a caring and devoted father, just as you are to have her. My father died of cancer 16 months ago and still wish that we had shared the closeness that you express so wonderfully in this piece. Welcome to Postpoems and I look forward to reading more of your poems. I wish you all the best in your life and writing!!! Thanks, Nancy

Michelle Noel's picture

Wow...I just loved your poem. What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. I too was Daddy's little girl...and just adored my father. Your poem really touched my heart. I wrote one called My Dad and if you would have a chance maybe you would like to read it. I lost my father a few years ago.....your daughter is a very lucky woman. Michelle

Melvin  Lee's picture

I have yet to marry and have children of my own...but your words of devotion and compassion are testaments of the faith and love u beheld then..and now...and always. A most touching poem i've read, Ferrell..your daughter must be very proud of such a poetic and caring father...Smilesz.... Thanxs for sharing