Top 2 Budget Accommodations in Sarawak and reach them by Bus

The Budget Hotels of Sarawak have some of the best facilities and value for money rooms that are sure to set an example for all the luxury hotels out there. These hotels are truly an example that you do not need to splurge in order to accommodate yourself in a good hotel. In addition, most of these hotels are located at strategic destinations where sightseeing, reaching national parks, limestone caves is completely hassle free. These hotels offer some of the most inexpensive luxuries for travellers who think twice before removing their wallets. The vicinity of the hotel is home to landscaped parks and gardens that are full of plush greenery and also some colonial buildings – thanks to the strategic locations of these hotels reaching them by bus is very convenient. Besides the Bus Operators of Malaysia are well- known for their punctuality., which lets you book 



Cove 55 


This huge property houses 8 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Suites with views of Mount Santubong and also the South China Sea. There are also 2 chalets here that are locate far away from the main area and face the sea. The Hotel can comfortably accommodate 24 guests. The interiors of the guest rooms are full of cultural accents and some of the most modern amenities. The rooms have their own bathrooms with bathtubs, tea and coffee vending machines and views from the windows that will leave you in awe! The rooms have floor to ceiling windows providing you a 360 degree view of the city. At night when the city is completely lit with lights, the view from the windows is just magnificient. It is considered one of the ideal places if you are travelling along with your family. For people who are tight on budget, travel will not be fussy either as most of the buses in Sarawak ply to this location or will drop you off almost at the doorstep of this hotel. 


The Ranee Boutique Suites


It is one of the most exclusive boutique suites, which is located in the heart of Kuching, which is an old town, and one of the most known places. The Hotel was built in the 19th Century and earlier used as a shop house. It was only in the later years that the hotel was completely rebuilt and equipped with modern amenities to cater to its guests. This unique hotel has some of the best ambiences and the rooms are colourful and vibrant. The doors of these guest rooms have majestic glass doors that have been beautifully crafted from natural wood. The staff is quite friendly and helpful. They even recommended some of the signature landmarks  I should visit that have not been talked about much in Malaysia. Most of the buses originate from Kuching, which is the area where this hotel is located. Therefore, you are sure to travel along in an empty bus and select seats of your own choice. 



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