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What I want you to know about me...

What I am will remain unknown, unsaid, and sometimes misspelled,
I'm a virgin in a sense, yet still a common whore, I am an angel to the blind, behind a mask of glamor, I'm as hidden as scars yet as exposed as my display of (fake) self-esteem. I am nothing in a sense, because my lines are blurred, mixing too meny colors and they fade to black. 
I am my coffee and my cigarettes, 
I am my make up and bleach blonde hair, my anger and my sorrow
And the fact that no one knows who i am, this is me.

About My Navel

I'm hidden by the cheap fabric I am judged by,
It gave me life from my mother, life I'll never give.
It's deep and dark like my outlook, it's cute like my lies,


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