When I looked upon your tiny
delicate face, pressed my
lips gently against a soft
cheek. Tickled your chin, you
looked up and smiled.

At that moment I knew God had
stormed heaven, seeking for me
one of his most precious rose-

As weeks turned to months, and
months to years, my first
impression of you was correct.

Do you remember that terrible
accident so long ago? Bodies
thrown upon the highway, blood
flowing freely. The smell of
death was everywhere. Out of
all that chaos, you stood up
and walked away.

The only survivor.

I know in my heart of hearts,
God looked down, and saw you in
distress. Thinking, I must protect
my rosebud from harm.

Suddenly the phone rang, my heart
began to quiver. Then a voice
quietly said, "Leah is safe."

I am eternally grateful for you.
You are my mainstay, my
daughter, my first love.

 copyright heather burns 2010

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Truly infused with the spirit of hope.............

you are the only person I know who can cut to the bone with words and show the reader the most tender of poetic flesh.......... I'm glad it wasn't your 'daughter's' time................ As I'm sure you know, if it is not your time no matter how unlikely it is for a person to survive such horror they do, as God is far superior to any devastation. We call those miracles but to me it is just God being God...............Loved this one Heather, Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

heatherburns35's picture


Thanks Melissa, for reading and commenting on this poem. When I heard the news about my only
daughter, I thought my heart would stop beating for a moment, until I found out she was a survivor.