Just as we
were getting
you stopped
to look
for flaws.

Just as our
was growing
you turned
to pause.

Now it is
lost forever
blowing in
the wind
just because.

(c) copyright heather burns

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Lovely poem as always Heather ............

but I think your line just as out you meant to type just as our am I correct? I didn't think you caught this so I wanted to point it out. I myself, have had many friends like this and I believe you and I have shared a couple over the years. I truly hope you are not speaking about either of those. Anyway, I hope this person you write of rights the error of his (or her) ways with you. If he or she doesn't remember it's their supreme loss. Some people don't know real gold when they have it. As always I enjoy reading your poetry, have done so for a good many years now. Keep caring and keep sharing as those are two aspects of your poetry's charm........ Sincerely Melissa Lundeen.................