The masses are gathering
along the Ohio river bank
tonight, to watch the
famous Rossi fireworks.

our side Ohio, the other
side Kentucky. Here I sit
wondering where are you?
Wishing you were here
with me, missing you.

The night sky is ablaze
with beautiful fusions. I
just saw your face burst<br
in front of me. The display
of color so wonderful. I
sat in amazement.

I searched the mid-night
skies looking for you.
Trying to draw you near.
Somehow you had escaped.

As the evening was ending
I once again drew you unto
myself. In loving thoughts
I say, good-night honey
rest well




(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking of someone whom I love.

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I could really feel your love

I could really feel your love in this. very tender.