Corps à corps



We're two equals

And the moon is our governor

Blades thrust,clash, unite

We're enjoying this little game of might


Is it really a game of might?

Or is it a game of wit?

Your tactics capture my intellect

As I watch you avoid getting slit


We draw closer with each swing,

Fire in our eyes,

Or is the flame in our hearts?

Our blades miss their targets,

And now all is lost


Oh, not lost, for we're still alive

And gazing in each others eyes

Still a battle though, we are in

So I take my stance to defend again


For my honor the blade rises,

I shan't sacrifice it all

For a woman whom my heart stole

Defend, swordswoman!

The night is still young,

And so is the passion that burns in my heart


Clash! Steel meets steel

Eyes still locked, is this love we feel?

Your gamesmanship keeps me on my feet

Raise your blade, Sir, you don't have me beat


The silvery moon passes its throne

To the maiden of heat and color

I take a moment, inhaling seizing

My opponent to my eyes revealing


Opening hearts, lowering swords

A conversation between two souls

As the day breaks, the sun shines bright

We stand staring into each others eyes


I forgive and I stutter

We talk

About one another,

About an errant not fullfiled

The sword touches the ground

The hand meets the cheek

We embrace one another

We are each other's cover


Who would've known 

Opponents could turn lovers

It must've been fate 

That brought us both together

The Universe is mysterious

To make us fight until we learned

We really belong in each others arms


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a fun collaboration with HuliganFish. 

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