Broken Wine Glasses

It's funny how many wine glasses can dissapear in a short-sun night,
They will always come back,
Resurrected mid-afternoon on a hung-over-manic-Sunday,
Maybe there will be no second-coming of any wine glass at all, 
No tulip glass rising,
Maybe we will all just adapt like pirates and put our ruby-red-stained lips straight to the bottle,
I've been avoiding walking through the minature glass shards on the ground,
It is easier than walking through the fire,
I picked up most big broken pieces, 
My problem is gathering the small guys,
I don't have tweezers or a handy-dandy magnifying glass at my disposal at the moment, 
But it's O.K.,
I hear the hazards.
My car is dying in my driveway,
But it's O.K.,
I watch my dog sleep now, 
It used to make me sad,
Now I wish I could.
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i thought this was cool. great job