A Face Made of Water

She looks out there on the Night

Yellow buzzing in Her

Metal and dangling Lights

Side-by-Side rows of Andalusian Horses

One row Black

the Other White

An Offering to the forgotten Street Gods


Elastic-Asphalt Swallows Elastic-Asphalt

The Metal clinkity-clink-clink

The Lights blinkity-blink-blink

Her Yellow Pulses like Breaths

Oh, the pleasures in the past!


A Face Made of Water

Changes with the Weather


Who will bear Witness to the Still Parade?

A Star?

A Flower?

An Atom Bomb?

An Individual?

A Clock?



Is Not


Who Looks


The Night

That Looks




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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

omg its beautiful!!! and i

omg its beautiful!!! and i know who this poem is about ;)