Well this is a story of a man named Rain.

And you must understand he was so very insane.

He would scream sometimes for no apparent reason.

When things went wrong he'd end up on the run.

He was just too much and lived life on the edge.

Planed on never falling in love, at least that was his pledge.

One day in the fall while just walking along a bolt hit him from out of the blue.

He saw her coming towards him blonde and all curvy, she smiled, that was it he was through.

He said hello and invited her to accompany him to a nice lunch.

They hit it off had loads of things in common, they even liked M&M's with the crunch.

She said her name was Calm, like calm before the storm.

He thought what a gas, a lady with a name away from the norm.

This was it, she was the one that he knew in his heart.

But there were dark clouds right from the start.

He seemed to go into a deep depression, couldn't seem to get things straight.

They sought medical treatment come to find out it was from the war over near Kuwait.

He had been in some serious situations at times nearly losing his life.

He was willing to do what ever it took to make sure she stayed his wife.

Then one day while they were on a long walk she tells him everything would be just fine.

He asked her how she could know her reply was simply "Rain let the sunshine."

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pudnsis1's picture

Renee', You had your vacuum on high with this one. Pulled me right in. Great little story. thanks. Linda

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, I love how you put this one together as a little story. It sucked me right in, I HAD to find out what was in store for this insane guy named Rain. And the message at the end, that in order to accept love and hope and the faith that even the darkest times will get better you have to be open and confident that everything will be okay is very deep and important for everyone to remember. You snuck it in there very cleverly.

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Again, I take my hat off to you... a true talent! That was just so so good! I just loved the ending.. was beautiful. Thanks for sharing :) Roz

gentle's picture

I really enjoyed this. It was like reading a short story. It had all the right ingredients. I was held spellbound right to the very end. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

jenfool's picture

What a beautiful poem! I love how it ends and the way it has a story line. Very nice!! Jen

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Tim Marshall's picture

HEY u needed that nap you forgot a couple word's lol and i have friend's who named thier girl RAIN and the recently got ripped off and tied up BUT are still alive and well in CONNICUT

Melvin Lee's picture

HHhmmmm......intriguing piece, Renee...rather different style and mood u use here...Very interesting ~!~! It's really touching at the end... draws me into the voice ....and the story. Thanxs for sharing Renee... i hope u re doing fine too~~