Blenko Glass

some of the most beautiful colors

brilliant shades of reds and golds

amber if that is your thing

it sure is mine

sugar is one thing they use

to get the color just right

starting out as a lava hot liquid

it is amazing to me

just how it is

that they can make something so beautiful

and fragile ...... just with a mere human hand

unique and different pieces

coming from artists

as unique and different

as the pieces they blow

a dying art this is for sure

amazing to watch

nine years, that is what it can take

to become a glass blower


don't think I am ready for that just yet

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Robert LaFountain's picture

Good poem Renee' I gotta admit, those 2 Blenko bears sure do look great just hanging out together on the window sill. I'm glad you turned me on to the beauty of the Blenko Glass Company. And the special on Public Access tv was great. I actually enjoyed the stuff they showe during the pledge breaks as much as if not more than the special on the company itself. Love ya, Goldeneagle

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee I liked this one too! I love the work these people do. I bought a friend of mind a set of dolphins done by a glass blower and they were just so gorgeous. They are very talented people indeed! Great read. Roz :)

Melvin Lee's picture

Blenko??....Hhmm...i am not sure myself. smilezs...is it a brand? I seen people doing such things before...and yes, the grace and bright shimmers of it, is simply worth a theme for a poem...which u penned so beautifully. Smilesz. Thanxs.

Farah D's picture

me too ! and the same goes for the poem... amber glass! hmm! lovely!! but I have a confession Renee! what is Blenko? Excuse my ignorance..but as English is not my first language, sometimes...it takes time for me to find meanings of words... :(

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Renee, I love hand-blown glass. I have a few pieces of various hand-blown glass. It is so fragile and delicate. I just love it. Neat piece!