Well I really can't say

when the last time I posted was.

I try to sit and write

but my silly pen will not work.

AM I LOSING IT?????????

This thing I have is just a gift

yep, a gift given to me by God.

And you know when he gets ready

he can let it slowly dry up.

He would only do this

if I were to use it for harm.

If I used it in some nasty

horrible way.

But then why can't I seem to get anything out?

Why do the words stop at my elbow, as if they are afraid?

Poor little words, you can come out no one will make fun of you.

Or will they?

I think I am losing it..........

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee You.. no way.. you will never loose it.. the talent is too strong! Keep em coming :) Roz

Edwin Robinette's picture

I like this in the sense that we all get this block from time to time! But, that's normal! Then one day, an idea will hit you like a brick! And sometimes we get the idea from the strangest places or things! Cool writing!

Wendy D' Michelle's picture

I get this way all the time Renee. I hate it, then I feel totally worthless. But then, someone says something to me and I say " Hey, I'm gonna write a poem about that" HAHA I do it to my sis Tina all the time. She has inspired many poems of mine. Take care! :) Wendy

The Hook's picture

Cute!!! I guess the "silver lining" to Losing It is that insanity is quite inspirational....trust me, I know firsthand!!!!!! LOL....welcome to The Fringe!!!!

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, The similarities between you and me are getting scarier and scarier! LOL! Whenever I have a long bout with writer's block I always break it with a poem about writer's block. I was getting worried about you as you haven't been around much. Hope all is well and the words come out and play again!

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

Well I really can't see how you could loose somedays someweeks somemonths my fingers can't type my pen won't write my mind won't think sometimes i think i've lost it i think i have lost it . . . but then... . . . i wake up one day . . . and . . . i feel superbly creative once again and think gee, i was crazy saying i lost it because i can't loose this gift I have. +peace&love+ malc.