What About This?

What about this?
And what about that?


Thinking of a piteous father
Who has no bread to feed


A mother & a daughter

Living in their unattainable dreams


Look at this naive child
Silently crying for a single penny


Looking in his mothers’ eyes
Who’s also deprived & affright


Why don’t they deserve?
And why we do?


Why we are flirting with big cars?
And they are struggling just for food


Try to see these tears
Try to feel this pain


It’s just a matter of time

that makes you affluent or frail


All these ‘so-called’ amenities

Are not more than a piece of filthy trash


What about this?

And what about that?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's my very first poem...      :)

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KingofWords's picture

Well done!

The poem is alive with insight. I reckon it would be better if you, yourself, try and become the critic of your own poems. All the very best. Keep writing.