place called love

The stars shine on you as you walk through the night

Into my room you come watching as I sleep

You move with ease as a eagle in flight

careful not to disturb me in my slumber so deep

You reach out with fingertips and caress my face

A touch so gentle it escapes me

With boldness of a warrior, yet with grace

You sweep me into your arms and pull me into you

You whisper out my name, soft and low

Joyce, come with me to this place called love

A wonderous place with sights to behold

beautiful visions of rainbows shinning from above

yes my darling I will come with you to the place you behold

A place called love, peaceful and serene

Clouds of silver and sunsets of gold

A place to live out all our dreams

Your lips brush softly against my skin

As i awaken with a jolting start

Still feeling the flames of passion deep within

I know this place called love, somewhere lives in my heart

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