Your World


For the longest time

I wanted to be part of your world.


You were always just out of reach

and I stood in the background

looking in through the window

hoping you wouldn’t draw the shade.


Then one day you opened the window

and suddenly I was part of your world.

It was everything I had hoped for

and more.


My dreams turned into a reality

and everything was better than I had imagined.


I finally realized what everyone meant

when they said that dreams can come true.

I understood why people climb to new heights

just for a glimpse of something beautiful.


All at once I understood what it was like

to be completely and utterly in love with someone.


The day I became part of your world

I knew that I would climb every mountain

For just a glimmer of your smile.


I would write symphonies

in the hopes of hearing you sing

even if it was only one note.


Now that I’m part of your world

I can’t imagine life any other way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/20/17

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