I know


I know that you can’t have a rainbow

without the rain, first.

The sun washes away the gloom

leaving something beautiful behind.


That doesn’t mean I want to be the rain.


I know that something must break

before it can be fixed

but that doesn’t mean I want to break it.


I know that you have to bleed to see

that you’re alive

but that doesn’t mean I want to be

the one holding the knife.


And now I’m standing in the middle of a crime scene

I drop the knife

leaving my fingerprints on everything

especially on your heart.


I can’t stop the bleeding

no matter what I do

the blood keeps flowing.


I know that I will be the one to break you

I know that I will cut you.

I know the monster that lives inside of me.


The worst part is that I can’t change what will happen.


The scary thing is

part of me

wants to hurt you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/20/17

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