Control/ With You (again)


I like to be in control.

I like to know what is going to happen.

And I sometimes wish that I could predict the future,

Just so I can make all the right decisions.


But when I spend time with you

I don’t need to know what the future will be.

I like the mystery of the unknown.

Because every decision with you is the right one

As long as I don’t hurt you


It’s huge that I let you be in control,

I want you to take charge.

Because every now and then it’s nice

To have someone else make the decisions.


I’m glad that you aren’t afraid

To take control.

It means a lot to me

Thank you.


I am falling for you.

I might have already landed.

I am kind of in love

With you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/31/17

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