The Devil Inside Us

We lie.


steal.Then we ask why?

the devil made me do it

that was the reply.

We spend years looking

for him.

Conviently we all know him.


He doesn't have horns.Red Face

Or a tail.

I found him. In my home

Looking into my mirror.Starring,

strangely back at me.

And he called to me.

He called me by name.


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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Man, that was deep as ever. I really enjoyed all of the emotions you caught here. People should be able to relate strongly. I know I do. Great piece!

John Strugnell's picture

Jonathin, friend...
Where did this come from? Easily now the most incredible peice i hace read for quite some time. Like i say, youi never cease to amaze me with your incredible literary talent. Please keep it up.