I push myself

to the point of breaking,

And will do it again.

At a moments notice

I am passionate

about the thoughts,

concieved on

the stack of paper.

That is my mind.


A steel bar of will

Captivates me.

Moves me.

Across the muliple


to reach the goals.

That are forever

within MY reach.

As I sit

dancing on my rewards.

And accomplishments.

I never quit

I always remember how

I reached this pinnacle.

Thoughts of the hard,

long road, that has still

not been taken.

Visions of this are still

fresh on my mind.

Like thick.Wet.Paint

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John Strugnell's picture

Man oh man jono..
this is AWESOME. It seems on a whole nothing level than the rest of your work. You were gone for awhile, but you are back stronger than ever, and i can not wait to keep reading your work.