The pain
The sorrow
The smell
The screams
The horror
The tears
On this day
That’s what we remember
But that’s not what should be on our minds
What we should remember
Is the lives lived
Not the lives lost
What our loved ones did
Before that epic day
The love they gave
The laughs they shared
The sacrifices they made
This day makes me think of another day
One so very long ago
When a man who loved all of us so much
That he made the ultimate sacrifice
And just like when I think of him
I think of his life
Not his death
That is how we should think of all the great ones
That were lost this day
Ten years ago
That is how I will think of them
Like I think of Him
So that this day is not a day of sorrow for me
But a day of remembrance
Of love and laughter
A day that brought us all together
A day that united our country
A day that joined us all as one

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Very Heartfelt and utterly true...........

I agree with you wholeheartedly every last line. Your poem is a stunning tribute. I hope you share more of your work with us here in our big little community and welcome to our midst. I was sincerely moved by your words, Melissa Lundeen.