War Of My Worlds

In the Autumn winds i find my will,
is floating down the river and over hill.
To long forgotten happy times,
dreaming of those things in mind.
Yet something sad blows in the air 
a memory of what was isn't there
these days that pass should be dear...
But you're not here
to what ever life we didn't meet
along the roads or across the street
you're not here no you're not here,
and in the end it makes me smile 
at least I was there for a while,
but not in this fair life 
until the next dream blows you through
I'm still here....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

whispers of the dead, the dreams of the damned, visions of light, dust in the sand.

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    Lovely lyrical write this



Lovely lyrical write this poem. Saddness and regret is throughout the poem and is expressed well. Lovely rhyming.




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tip of the iceberg


Thanks, it is difficult to get the right flow for this sort of emotion, i try my best to not pigeon hole myself with themes or rhymes but inevitably we all have a style. Glad you appreciate the world I portray.

this is not the end, this is not the begining of the end, this is merely the end of the begining.